What We Do

Active in Saint Paul’s renaissance since 1994, we work to stimulate economic and community development through urban design. We support broad community development efforts such as the Central Corridor Light Rail Line, the Great River Passage, and Lowertown Saint Paul by providing urban design resources. Our projects aim to create a healthy, vibrant river city. In addition, we serve as a member of Mayor Chris Coleman’s Economic Development Cabinet.

At the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, we champion urban design as a strategic tool for improving Saint Paul’s quality of life and business climate. With an expanded, citywide geographic reach, we focus our place-making work in four key areas:

Design Leadership
Design leadership is about being proactive—getting ahead of development to ensure high quality, well-integrated projects that enjoy broad public support. At the Riverfront Corporation, we advocate for investment in the public realm as a proven catalyst for economic development and private investment.

Project Advancement
At some point, every development project needs an advocate. For projects that meet Saint Paul’s standards of urban design, we “go to bat” from a platform of urban design expertise, strong community relationships, solid organizational partnerships, and a track-record of consensus building.

Community Engagement
Through community engagement, we create civic ownership of Saint Paul’s urban design principles, fostering a depth of understanding and advocacy that extends beyond the offices of city planners and urban designers.

We provide educational opportunities to engage citizens in urban design issues and make high quality resources and thinking available to all. We also hold design competitions to stimulate innovative solutions to design challenges.