Saint Paul’s Great River Park:
More Natural, More Urban, More Connected

Saint Paul has more miles of Mississippi River than any other municipality along the entire length of the river, from headwaters to Gulf. Saint Paul’s 17-mile river valley includes vibrant neighborhoods, active commercial sites, important transportation corridors and more than 20 public parks providing over 3,500 acres of public green space for outdoor recreation, special events, wildlife habitat and scenic views.

These incredible assets have been often viewed as individual parks and development sites. The National Great River Park concept, introduced in 2006 by the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation and the City of Saint Paul, is guiding a community-wide effort to transform this valuable collection of parks, natural resources, cultural amenities and community sites into a single National Great River Park – a defining feature of Minnesota’s Capital City.

Developed with hundreds of hours of citizen input, the National Great River Park vision is based on three principles – to be more natural, more urban and more connected.

» Download a PDF of the National Great River Park chapter of the Saint Paul on the Mississippi Development Framework.

Download Great River Park Chapter here >The National Great River Park concept celebrates the Mississippi River as Saint Paul’s chief environmental and economic asset. From reclaiming former industrial land to connecting more than 20 riverside and overlook parks, the National Great River Park will inspire new investment, enhance and create more public green space, connect neighborhoods to the Mississippi River and make Saint Paul a leader in high-quality, sustainable urban design.