Currently, the Saint Paul Design Center is focusing on 16 Urban Design Projects.

Core Area of Saint Paul, MN

1. Ramsey County West — A collaboration with Ramsey County on the redevelopment of the river bluff site, the Design Center provides guidance in the area of public realm design based on the intent of the Great River Passage, including the development of the “Porch” concept and input from the Mayors’ Institute of City Design.

2. Regional Ballpark — The Design Center reviews design concepts, ensures consistency with the Greater Lowertown Master Plan, and facilitates the community involvement process for a 7,500-seat regional ballpark on the former Diamond Products site in the Lowertown neighborhood.

3. West Side Flats — The Design Center is developing a request for proposals and directing a consultant to update the West Side Flats Master Plan with a special emphasis on the remaining railroad and a new stormwater management and green infrastructure plan for the area.

4. Pedro Park — The Design Center provides funds to support the Parks Department’s  schematic design of Pedro Park as called for in the Fitzgerald Park Precinct Plan.

5. Central Station (Fourth and Cedar) — The Design Center is coordinating public and private, interim and long-term development of the site consistent with the Central Corridor Development Strategy, Downtown Station Area Plan and the 6 + 5 Plan, including new bus stops, a vertical connection to the skyway, a plaza, public art  and LRT infrastructure.

Central Corridor (an 11-mile Light Rail Transit line connecting Saint Paul and Minneapolis)

6. Farview Station Area Plan — The Saint Paul Design Center is leading a team of City and Private designers in the refinement and implementation of the Fairview Station Area Plan, including design excellence and increased funding for stormwater management, open spaces, and pedestrian infrastructure.

7. Westgate Master Plan

8. Met Council Bus Barn Site — The Design Center is coordinating various public agencies in an ongoing effort to redevelop the Met Council Bus Barn Site and nearby properties into a walkable community consistent with the Central Corridor Development Strategy and Snelling Avenue Station Area Plan. The Project focuses on combining public efforts and developer selection to create a redevelopment project which improves alternative transportation use throughout the neighborhood.

9. Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Master Plan

10. Central Corridor Public Art Plan

Great River Passage (along the 17 miles of the Mississippi River)

11. Adoption

12. Shepard Road

13. Victoria Park

Other City-Wide Projects

14. Ford Plant

15. Complete Streets

16. Design Review — The Design Center is conducting design reviews of the following: Episcopal Homes; Habitat Headquarters; 1433 University Avenue; Hamline Station with Project for Pride in Living; 1333 University Avenue; Old Home with Aurora Saint Anthony; Wilder Site, Wilder/Lexington Parcels; Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation; City Limits with Wellington Management; 2700 University Avenue; and Victoria Park Koch and Victoria Park Brighton.