Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation Design Initiatives

Current Initiatives:

Wayzata Lakefront, 2012 – 2013

Charleston Mayors’ Institute of City Design Resource Team Member, September 2012

Saint Paul Mayors’ Institute of City Design Host, October 2012

NDC Frogtown Charrette, 2012


Enterprise Community Partners Rose Architectural Fellowship

Completed Initiatives:

The 2nd Annual Placemaking Recidency, 2013 — What bonds people of all ages to a city and how can a community foster those emotional ties to drive economic success? Dr. Katherine Loflin, renowned placemaking expert and lead investigator on the Knight Foundation’s ‘Soul of the Community Project,’ addressed this question at the Second Annual Placemaking Residency. The Residency included a series of events that examine what makes a community a desirable place to live, why it matters and what we can do about it. More information.

Charles Landry Residency, 2012 — From May 6-11, 2012, the Riverfront Corporation along with four other Twin Cities organizations welcomed internationally renowned authority in city futures and urban revitalization, Charles Landry, for a week-long residency on Creating 21st Century Intercultural and Creative Cities. Landry’s residency explored how art, culture, creativity and diversity can accelerate both economic and social growth – critical elements in strengthening the Twin Cities as world-class region.

River First Competition, 2011