The Principles of City Building

The Saint Paul on the Mississippi Development Framework is based on ten core principles that promote a holistic approach to city building. These principles are used as a lens to integrate private, civic and cultural investment, shaping how Saint Paul grows and evolves as a thriving, urban community on the Mississippi River.

1. Evoke a sense of place. Create a physical setting for new development that says, “This is Saint Paul.”

2. Restore and establish the unique urban ecology. Look for opportunities to restore those parts of the natural environment that have been lost over time due to development, such as trees, native habitats and clean water.

3. Invest in the public realm. Create a network of streets, sidewalks and parks that are safe, vibrant and pedestrian friendly.

4. Broaden the mix of uses. Create a downtown and riverfront where people live, work and play.

5. Improve connectivity. Provide people with safe, attractive and convenient ways to move between neighborhoods, downtown and the river.

6. Ensure that buildings support the broader city building goals. Design new buildings to fit into their surroundings and enhance and activate adjacent public spaces.

7. Build on existing strengths. Start with what we already treasure–our historic buildings, parks, tree-lined streets and the Mississippi River.

8. Preserve and enhance heritage resources. Preserve historic buildings and public spaces.

9. Provide a balanced network for movement. Design city streets to accommodate pedestrians, cars, buses, bikes, on-street parking, landscaping, lighting and signs.

10. Foster public safety. Increase the number of people in our public spaces downtown, along the riverfront and in our neighborhoods.